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Fesselkunst und Körperkram

Welcome you beautiful people,

fabulous that you landed at Nahraum (german: intimate space).

At Nahraum you can discover and learn the art of tying aka bondage/shibari/kinbaku/the rope thing:

Its my great pleasure to walk this path with you!

My name is Irina and my passion is to bring those ropes home to those people. In my work with individuals and groups I create the space that you need to be able to do that. You can learn more about my person in the about me section.

Why tying?

Tying can have different meanings to various people. Some like to tie themselves or like to get tied by someone else, others like to tie someone else or two or more people. For some it is a sensual experience, for others a sexual one. Tying can be an activity making touch and feeling held experiencable or an activity being part of BDSM or a meditative activity. Still others seek the aesthetics of rope. Theres the craftly side of the motivation to tie or the joy and fun to experiment, to play, to scuffle, to love. Some people search for the physical and emotional self-experience, others want to express relation and closeness and make them come alive and still others connect ropes to dance and movement. Then theres the mix made of several of these elements. And the same person might make different choices on different days or with different people.

Accordingly theres a variety of schools or teachers with their specific own focus.

What does Nahraum has to offer for you?

The variety of schools all start with the same first techniques. In the beginning people often do not know yet why they want to tie, what their own individual relationship to tying is, what it means to them. They are simply curious. Usually it takes first practical experiences to be able to feel and express this. I want to create an amiable and patient space for techniques and practical experiences.

A space in which you can learn some first techniques with an excitement for the craft, in which you can collect some first practical experiences and in which an exchange about your own individual meaning of tying can take place. A space that enables you to find a first direction of technique and heart. For a confident encounter with the ropes and the knots and a confident encounter with yourself and your opposite.

Handcraft and heartcraft so to speak.

My offerings

You can have a look around. Theres open and closed groups, personal coaching and continuous practise groups. Theres practical workshops to process rope. Theres the possibility to plan your private seminar with me. Theres specific offers for couples and womyn* and FLINTA*. No matter the format, leading the way for me is your individual status quo and to accompany you on your rope journey with patience, warm-heartedness and humor.

The particular conditions at Nahraum are that you can also come on your own and learn with your own body. You do not need an opposite to learn first techniques. Of course you can also come together.

You can choose single workshops that fit your calender, you do not need to book a whole weekend.

At Nahraum everything can be explained in german or in english, even in both languages, exactly how you need it.

You get my undivided attention in private tuitions and you can adjust the hours to your own individual needs. In groups I know how to create a confident and easy atmosphere in which you can enjoy to be on your own amongst people or connect with others.

You can sent me an Email with your questions, consultation about my offers or your individual requests anytime.

Happily looking forward,