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Fesselkunst und Körperkram

Black Glitter on Rad Ropes Spring 2024
a tying event for genderqueers, non-binaries, trans* and inter* people, lesbians and womyn
(Kinbaku/Shibari/Bondage/the rope thing) (These are non-sexual events without nudity)

Theres flowers that grow in the light and have their fruits grow in the dark. Trees constantly grow into two directions, rooting deep into the moist dark before reaching out towards the light.

Lets move our ropes and hearts from within our own darkness of white ghosts. Lets move our hearts and ropes towards the light together in one room.

All you newly curious-ers, excited come back-ers, determinded regular-ers. Bring your rope, your heart and your friend, the darkness of white ghosts and the light. Or only and whatever YOU to hang with the couch.

Please register by email. Limited spots for covid safety. Take a test at home. We have space to keep distance, we will wear a mask in the group (allowed to take it off when tying) (if you not able to wear a mask you are welcome as well) and air the room a lot.

Monday, 29th april 2024, 6.30-10pm
Wednesday, 15th may 2024, 6.30-10pm
Thursday, 6th june 2024, 6.30-10pm
Wednesday, 3rd july 2024, 6.30-10pm

We ll have a collective start and end. If you can only make it inbetween, please be welcome to (and let us know). If you have any questions or want to be in contact before the event or need anything else to be able to come, you are very welcome to write an email.

the space: the f.a.q. Infoshop in Neukölln, Jonasstr. 40, 12053 Berlin, U8 Leinestrasse. it's a ground floor, there is a ramp for the one stair and a wheel chair accessible toilet.
donation: 1-5 Euro (or more).
write to us here: ropes at

We cant wait to have you with us!

And two more infos:

- if its hard for you to arrive or leave (in the dark) in neukölln, please be welcome to post here or write to me to find someone traveling with you. we also have some money again for transportation help: if you feel best using an app car, simply come to me and let me know what you paid and we will pay you back, if taxi is the only availability for you please come via taxi and let me know as well.

- I would be super happy to have help set up, I ll be in the space at 5.30pm. be welcome to join me there moving furniture around, making fire and laying out our beautiful sunny mats.

Sooooooooo looking forward !